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Doris Day in “Love Me or Leave Me" (1955)


It’s amazing to me that one of my favorite on-screen duos was born so close to one another. Doris Day recently celebrated her 90th birthday, and April 7 is James Garner’s birthday.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve loved James Garner since the first time I saw “Move Over Darling” in 4th grade. Between his Doris Day films, his pairing with Julie Andrews, as well as “Maverick” and “Rockford Files,” I’m pretty sure that Jim could easily be the reason that my preference leans toward men with strong jawlines and great hair.

Anyway, Happy Birthday again to the America’s Darling Doris Day, and the original “Man of my Dreams” Jim Garner!


Doris Day & Rock Hudson

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Captain <3 Swan

george, brad, and matt in gq italia july 2007

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Inspired by every student whose told they can’t be an artist because it doesn’t “make enough money”.


Happy International Women’s Day!

I hope all you beautiful ladies have a wonderful day!


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